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Gourment Garlic King

“Yugoslavian Porcelain and Georgian Fire are some of the ones I find the best for growing here.” Ken Stefanson of Gabriola Gourmet Garlic said. “I discovered the best kind by visiting and learning

Gabriola Gourmet Garlic King

what others were growing. Just one problem though. There are basically five types of garlic, and within those types are 100’s of different names. You see, when you grow garlic, you collect seed stock for the following year, over the years the original names get lost so farmers end up giving the garlic their own name.”

To Ken the name of the garlic doesn’t matter as much as the quality and taste. He’s got growing the healthy bulbs he sells at farmers’ markets, down to a fine science.

“It’s easier when you grow a product with uniformity,” he said. So for market he grows Russian Purple Stripe, a smaller bulb with a uniform 6 cloves.

“Six cloves per bulb and six bulbs per pound.” he said. “Quick and easy and no math involved!”

Stefanson and his wife took on the company in 1999, starting with only 5000 bulbs. Today, with a line of products that include dark chocolate laced with the tasty bulb, chutney, dried pieces and powder and garlic grinders filled with garlic and herbs, they harvest more than 1/4 million.

With a Santa Claus beard, twinkling eyes and a wall filled with ribbons for his dogs and horses, he’s one of my favourite interviews. He’s also one of our special food producers highlighted in Eat Local Live Longer.

Check him out at one of the many farmers’ markets in the mid island region.

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